Ameba: Smart Kids TV

Ameba is a streaming video service that gives your kids access to safe, smart and entertaining kids shows and kids music for just $3.99 a month.

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Many Ways to Watch

Watch Ameba on your favorite platforms: Xbox 360, Roku, LG Smart TV, Google TV, Android, and the web!

A huge library of kids videos on demand.

Ameba is ... ANIMATED

Do your kids love Cartoons? We certainly do! We have traditional cel, stop-motion, and cutting-edge modern animation. Everything an animation fan could want.

From old classics to rare treasures, we have tons to choose from.

Ameba is ... MUSICAL

Did you know that there are literally hundreds of kid's music videos on Ameba? With everything from Alex and the Kaleidoscope Band to the Zinghoppers (and a ton of surprises in between) there is sure to be something to get your little ones dancing and singing along.

Ameba is ... EDUCATIONAL

Ameba is overflowing with Educational videos. Getting your preschoolers ready for Kindergarten? Try Gisele's Big Backyard. Practice some funky multiplication tables with Einsteinabot. Beef up those reading/writing skills with The Reading Rangers and Grammaropolis. Pick any subject. Ameba has you covered.

Ameba is ... Always Evolving

New shows and music programs are continually uploaded from the best content creators in the world. There is always something to see on Ameba.

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