Ameba TV, a pioneering independent children’s streaming TV provider, announced today its official launch on Chromecast. The platform expansion extends Ameba’s reach to millions more TVs throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Jump with Jill is a multimedia health program that makes nutrition rock. Armed with catchy songs, upbeat dance moves, and a hip wardrobe, Jump with Jill uses the same tools normally used to sell junk food and keep kids sedentary to get kids engaged, moving, and learning about healthy habits.


Ameba  is now available for your Android device.

Download the Ameba app and instantly watch children’s TV Shows and movies. It is part of your Ameba streaming membership. Browse the entire library right from your Android device.



We’re thrilled to add the 4-time Gemini Award winning Wapos Bay to Ameba. Watch it today!

The kids of Wapos Bay love adventure. And their playground is a vast area that’s been home to their Cree ancestors for millennia.


We are happy to announce that is now mobile-ready! Read more to find out what you need to know.


The average child watches 28 hours of TV a week. That’s up to four hours a day of cartoons, commercials and other shows. How many of those hours are educational? Ameba TV offers a myriad of shows that teach your kids important academic and social skills. In fact, here are 10 of our favorite shows that will help prepare your preschool to middle school aged kids for school success.


The updated Google TV app just one part of an improvement that will be seen by all users

Winnipeg, MB, August 26, 2013—With the release of an updated Google TV app on August 23, the launch of an Xbox app on August 20, and the upcoming release of an updated Roku app, Ameba TV users can expect a whole new experience the next time they log into the service. Ameba TV, a pioneering independent children’s streaming TV provider, has worked for more than a year to create Ameba 2.0, which includes much more content, an easier navigation system, recommended playlists for kids, a rating system and premium channels.

“Over the past five years we have received tons of feedback from children and parents about Ameba TV,” said Tony Havelka, Ameba’s founder and CEO. “Ameba 2.0 is the embodiment of our viewers’ requests. The service is easier to navigate than ever before, has tons of new content, and now gives users a more streamlined experience. Children start the Ameba app, click on their profile and our recommendation engine immediately starts playing a show we know they are going to love. If they want to move on to something new, changing the show is as easy as changing the channel on a TV.”

Ameba is available via the web, Xbox 360, Google TV, Roku, LG Smart TV, LG 3D Blu-ray player, and LG Smart TV Upgrader.


 Joins elite list of outstanding “must-have” products for parents in North America

Winnipeg, (MB), July 25, 2013 – Winnipeg-based Ameba TV has been named a 2013 National Parenting Publications Award (NAPPA) Silver winner, recognized for its digital kids TV service. It gives parents peace of mind when searching for online entertainment for their kids, while giving kids a safe place to view a vast selection of quality, educational and music-themed shows.

“Ameba is fun, exciting, and built specifically to make it easy for kids to use on their own. They can choose for themselves what they want to watch and dig as deep as they like into our huge library of shows,” said Tony Havelka, founder and CEO of Ameba TV. “Plus, parents like Ameba because it’s safe, fun and entertaining. This NAPPA award is a major validation for us.”

NAPPA’s independent, expert judges and parent testers evaluated hundreds of submissions for their innovation, safety, quality and the degree to which they make parenting easier. After weeks of stringent testing, 25 products were selected to receive the Gold Award while 60 received Silver and 41 were chosen as Honors.

“Parents want to make the best decisions for their families but don’t always have the time to dig through and research the seemingly endless array of children’s products on the market,” says Julie Kertes, NAPPA General Manager. “Our NAPPA judges do that research for them, delivering a roundup of quality products that parents can purchase with confidence.”

For a complete list of all 2013 NAPPA Parenting Resources winners and more information about the competition, visit



Gives kids, moms and dads a convenient option for safe, smart entertainment 

Winnipeg, MB, August 20, 2013—Ameba TV, a pioneering independent children’s streaming TV provider, announced today its official launch on Microsoft’s Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system. The platform expansion extends Ameba’s reach to millions of Internet-connected consumer electronics devices throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“Through the power of Xbox 360, the magic of motion and voice control with Kinect, and the second screen intelligence of Xbox SmartGlass, Ameba subscribers can experience their favourite Ameba content in new and exciting ways,” said Tony Havelka, Ameba’s founder and CEO. “With our recent launch of Ameba 2.0 the service is easier to navigate than ever before and has tons of new content that will keep kids coming back for more.”

The Ameba Xbox app—featuring music and programming geared exclusively for children 2 through 12—is designed to be easy for kids to use and combines the simplicity of television with massive archives of streaming content. Kids can actively search for a specific show or sit back and watch the recommended playlist. Selecting a new show to watch is as easy as changing the channel on a television. A simple thumbs up-down rating system allows them to flag shows they like and dislike. In only a few steps, each child is assigned a profile, which will become more and more customized each time he or she uses the service.

“Families today are choosing to view programs on multiple screens whether they’re at home or on the go,” said Havelka. “We’ve designed Ameba specifically for families with children looking to watch safe, smart, quality shows at a great price whenever and wherever they want.”

Starting on Tuesday, August 20 in the United States and Thursday, August 22 in Canada, Ameba subscribers with an Xbox LIVE® Gold subscription can easily download the Ameba app from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The app gives users instant access to Ameba’s award-winning programming, streaming directly to their Xbox 360 for convenient, anytime on-demand viewing from the comfort of their home.* Ameba’s innovative navigation system is easy for both kids and parents to use.


 * Xbox LIVE Gold subscription and/or additional subscriptions/fees may be
required and sold separately. Kinect functionality available with select
 Xbox LIVE content and varies by feature and country. For additional details and availability, see



In celebration of its recent positive developments, Ameba shares the wealth with LA Animation Examiner readers! Ameba plans to award one FREE 3-month subscription to the first fan who comments favorably on this article.

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Ameba announces the debut of Robert Mills’ award-winning children’s series, Ruffus The Dog, the latest addition to Ameba’s fast-growing Smart Kids TV™ content library

Winner of a Writer’s Guild Award and nominated for seven Gemini Awards, Ruffus The Dog is a charming and whimsical introduction for young audiences into the world of fairy tales and classic stories. Robert Mills, who performs the title role of Ruffus, also served as director, producer and story editor, and wrote most of the series’ 13 episodes.

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More news about our launch on LG Smart TV. Thank you, Kidscreen!

Ameba TV, a Canadian-based content distribution service, has launched on the LG Smart TV platform in the US and Canada.

Families with a the Smart TV device now have on-demand access to Ameba’s commercial-free children’s programming, which includes Sid the Science Kid (pictured) and BusyTown Mysteries.

LG Smart TV owners can get unlimited access to Ameba for a flat US$3.99 monthly fee.

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From Animation Magazine:

Ameba is now available on the LG Smart TV platform in the United States and Canada, allowing unlimited access to its content for $3.99 a month. The channel also is available through the internet, the Roku streaming service and with an Ameba set-top box.

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From The San Francisco Chronicle:

LG’s Smart TV platform helps viewers integrate all of their digital media content seamlessly through one device-something viewers are already trying to do. Whether it is a LG Smart TV, 3D Blu-ray player or the LG Smart TV Upgrader, families can enjoy Ameba kids TV on demand and other digital entertainment services right from the convenience and comfort of their living rooms. LG Smart TV owners can get unlimited instant access to Ameba for a flat $3.99 monthly fee.

The Ameba content library, which contains more than 2,000 hours of educational, preschool, music and multi language programming aimed at kids and tweens ages 2-12, includes content from Decode Entertainment, NCircle Entertainment, Breakthrough New Media, Casablanca Kids, Sockeye, Marble Media, Portfolio, TVO, Agogo Entertainment, Genuine Pictures, and many other independent producers. Commercial-free programming includes classic titles like Skinnamarink TV and Dudley the Dragon, new series such as Cat in the Hat and Busytown Mysteries, and award winning series such as Raggs and Ruby Skye PI.

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Ameba, the Canadian IPTV system for kids entertainment, is boosting its entertainment portal with new content from CCI Entertainment. CCI shows Nilus the Sandman and Time Blazers are among the children’s fare added to Ameba’s digital platform.
CCI joins a growing roster of international producers and distributors, including Breakthrough New Media, Decode Entertainment and Webstar Media, in placing their programming on the new portal.
Launched in beta last year, Ameba allows parents to select titles from the website and download content to the Ameba set top box, where children can then select titles they want to watch from a filtered list on their TV. Aimed at kids aged two to 12, Ameba currently offers roughly 1,000 titles to subscribers in both the US and Canada. The movie is co-produced by Toronto’s 9 Story Entertainment.
by: Wendy Goldman Getzler


Commercial-free Canadian children’s IPTV service AmebaTV has added several series from fellow Canadian kids’ entertainment firm CCI Entertainment to its slate.

As part of the agreement, subscribers to the AmebaTV system will now be able to see CCI series such as 1990s toon Nilus the Sandman, Discovery Kids Canada series Time Blazers and YTV’s Monster by Mistake.

CCI joins the ranks of content suppliers for the web-to-TV video system, such as Breakthrough New Media, Decode Entertainment, Calico Underfoot International, Webstar Media and Television Syndication Company.

Aimed at kids aged two to 12, AmebaTV is available in North America and allows parents to select titles from the website to download to a set-top box for their kids to view on TV. It then charges based on shows viewed, not those downloaded.

Janet's Planet

Ameba, the Winnipeg-based IPTV system for kids’ entertainment, is adding Janet’s Planet and Booples to its lineup of children’s programming on

Host and Emmy Award winning creator Janet Ivey takes kids on a wild ride to Janet’s Planet. Hop in your rocket for a fun filled, music enhanced voyage through the cosmos where you find out that you are the stuff of stars and other astounding facts about our incredible universe. The 25-minute special and 34 interstitials include fantastic galactic facts about our solar system, an interview with demoted Pluto, space jokes, space pioneer quotes and super cool music videos. Encouraging scientific investigation by young earthlings and inspiring the imaginations of future space explorers, Janet’s Planet earned the 2008 Gracie Allen Award for Children’s/Adolescent Programs.

Featuring fun stories, silly characters and catchy songs, Booples is an animated Christian series of 21 shorts that strive to influence children positively using God’s Word. Booples tries to give parents a godly ally in entertaining children with a good, safe message and something that will help hide God’s Word in their hearts.

“We are pleased to expand our slate of children’s programming with both educational and Christian fare that will serve to extend AmebaTV’s appeal to a wide ranging audience of children and parents around the globe,” said Ameba President Tony Havelka.

Ameba is coming to MIPCOM for the first time to introduce to distributors and content holders who are seeking new delivery and revenue models for their properties.

Great Civilizations

Ameba, the Winnipeg-based IPTV system for kids entertainment, has signed with Barcelona-based Sol 90 to distribute Great Civilizations, a Spanish-language animated series on

“This is an ideal destination for foreign-language content, and for producers and content holders to gain entrance into the North American market,” said Ameba President Tony Havelka. “The market is eager for foreign-language entertainment and we are excited to have Sol 90′s contribution to this important programming category in our developing library. This underscores our mission to offer a wide range of programming in a variety of languages.”

A portal designed to deliver children’s entertainment directly to television viewers via the Internet, will offer the 260-minute animated Great Civilizations in a variety of program lengths from interstitials to full episodes, all available for quick download and instant viewing. Targeting 8-12 year olds Great Civilizations was created to inspire children to learn more about the great civilizations of man.

“ is a revolutionary way for us to introduce our property to Spanish-speaking North American audiences,” said Ernesto Soto. “This is a new avenue for producers and content holders, who, like me, want to reach out to a diverse group of young viewers to share distinctive programs in their original form — with no additional work!”


Ameba, the Winnipeg based IPTV system for kids entertainment will be attending MIPCOM and MIPCOM JR for the first time to introduce international attendees to Ameba. Ameba consists of: an entertainment portal –, an efficient and low cost internet delivery system, and an HD Set Top Box which all work seamlessly to deliver children’s entertainment directly from the content rights holder to the viewer’s television.

Ameba offers a diversity of delivery and revenue models to meet particular rights holder’s distribution interests. Ameba grants rights holders complete control of delivery, cost and terms of rental, regional availability, and Digital Rights Management-this newest distribution system enforces your rules, collects fees, creates reports, and generates revenue.


Winnipeg based Ameba, a kid-targeted IPTV system, will attend Mipcom/Mipcom Jr for the first time next month where it will introduce its delivery system, AmebaTV .com, and HD set top box.

Designed to give parents control over what their kids are watching, here’s how works. Adults select titles from the website and download the content to it’s set top box, then kids can choose what they want to watch from that list.

Ameba is looking for additional content for, including both International and North American properties in any language. is not currently available for distribution.